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RM Easimaths is an online programme designed to help pupils make confident progress in mathematics. With over 12,000 exciting topics covering ages 4-12 it offers teachers an effective online tool with which to teach core maths skills in a safe, fun and engaging environment.
  • RM Easimaths is available anywhere, anytime and on any device with an Internet connection. Built-in diagnostic tools automatically adjust the difficulty of the activities in response to pupils answers, enabling confident pupil progression.
  • Activities are truly personalised in RM Easimaths as data is continuously collected on each learner. This means that the difficulty levels are cleverly and automatically adjusted to suit the individual needs of each and every student. Just one hour a week delivers measurable improvements in pupils' learning of core maths skills.
  • The "little and often" nature of the exercises lends itself to short sessions spread throughout the week, and keeps existing maths skills "simmering" as students move onto new maths skills and concepts, allowing for continual practice and improvement.
  • Simple home access allows parents and carers to get actively involved with learning maths in the home, joining in the learning exercises. And because RM Easimaths takes students through solving the challenges, parents won't feel the need to have all the answers if they aren't confident of their own maths skill level.