St Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy, Healds Road, Dewsbury, WF13 4HY

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St Josephs Catholic Primary Academy

We are proud to work with all the Catholic schools across our two local authority areas, particularly as the Trust grows and benefits from the expertise and knowledge that other schools joining in the future will bring.

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Key Principles of Catholic Education at St. Joseph's

  • We have a strong and growing sense of purpose in the local community, not only with our own parish church but with other faith groups too. As a school, we exist to serve our local community and provide a centre of excellence for those who choose to attend.
  • We develop relationships by building a community rooted in faith and one of service to each other. Most important is the relationship between home, school and parish. As this relationship continues to grow, so too will the quality of education which is provided to our children.
  • Central to catholic education is the provision of outstanding learning experiences for our children, not just in Religious Education but in all aspects of the curriculum. It is also important to provide children with opportunities to better understand their place in society and ways in which they can contribute to sustaining and improving the world in which we live.
  • The development of the individual is probably the most important aspect of our mission as a catholic school. It isn’t just the development of the pupils but also of the staff, governors, parents, parishioners and everyone else connected with the school. Every individual has God given talents and bags of potential and it is the responsibility of our community to help its members to grow and become the best they can be, both academically and personally.
Underpinning all of this work are the regular patterns of prayer, reflection, celebration and thanksgiving which happen on a daily basis, helping our community to grow together in faith and friendship.  

Our Parish Priest

Our Parish Priest is Father Jonathan Hart. He regularly visits school to speak with the pupils, lead masses for the parish and pupils.

Mass times:

Sunday Mass
Vigil Mass Saturday – 6.00pm
Sunday – 9.15am
Holy Day Mass
As announced
Weekday Mass
Tuesday – 10.00am
Thursday – 10.00am

Classes take it in turns weekly to attend the Tuesday morning Mass. This is an open invitation and you are all welcome to come and celebrate mass with us at Church too. Children stay behind after Church for biscuits and juice with the parishoners. 

Keep an eye out on the school newsletter and class dojo for Masses that are held in school. 

For up to date information and the Parish newsletter please visit :

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